Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's Nicolette doing right now?


Is she...

Making Ramen?

Brewing pumpkin beer?

Skinning carrots?

Dreaming about dragon worlds?

Translating English into Spanish sign language for her new deaf Mexican friend?

Talking to Jesus?

Making her famous tuna balls?

Luring little girls in with kittens so she can kidnap them and raise them as boys?


Biting off more than she can chew?


Signing a petition to enact mens names for hurricanes too?


She's doing this!


Thursday, June 19, 2008


Thirsty for Douche? I know these guys are:


And they're in luck too! Silverlake is FILLED with Douche fountains so douches like these can refresh nearly every half mile!!! Thats a lot of douche!!!!!


Spaceland- This place is GREAT for the easily amused Silverlake Douche. There's indoor smoking underneath a giant bowl that reflects sound all the way to the other side of the smoking area. HOLY SHIT thats cool! They have a pool table for assholes, and homogeneous bands play nightly (so as not to frighten the gentle Douche). BONUS - The bartenders actually aren't dicks- they're just so full of douche they only know one word: Pabst.

Silverlake Lounge- What began as a Mexican Tranny bar has now blossomed into a full blown Douche Fountain! Similar to Spaceland only in music scene and douche clientele, but still just as much a kill joy to make every Silverlake Douche love it! And if you're freaking out about the lack of Pabst, just replace it with a Tecate to show off your douchy cheapness!

The Echo/Echoplex- Though technically in Echo Park, this double decker douche fountain is always full of the douche you crave. Up top (The Echo) you can be seen watching live bands ,featuring your friends, doing their best impression of the band that played the night before! You can also smoke in a cage out back, piss on the bathroom floor, and order dinner for your skinny douche body.

Not enough douche??

Then why not spend 20 more dollars and see what’s down stairs!

The Echoplex is designed like a rappers home on MTV Cribs, but don’t worry, nary a black face is to be seen. Reserved for the more popular douche acts, Echoplex makes it easy to remain in your element while watching a band with an actual released CD! And don’t let the fanciness fool you, the bartenders are just as jaded downstairs as they are up.

Cha-Cha Lounge- The whopper of Silverlake Douche Fountains!!! This place makes my douche gush just thinking about it! Taking over what once was a Mexican Tranny bar, (Are we sensing a trend?) Cha Cha Lounge humbly opened it’s doors in 2005. Now it’s impossible to get in every night of the week!
What better place to be seen not smiling and having a bland time than in the most happily decorated bar on the planet!! A tiki bar and fooseball tables highlight what should be an evening of unrelenting fun. There’s a photo booth too!
What? no live music or jukebox? Not to worry, the hot douche bartender is playing 70’s records he brought from his home! HOT! And when you can peel him away from the turntable, he makes a pretty kick ass drink. Not that you would order one though, they have Pabst.
BONUS- If you’re wearing American Apparel, your chances of getting laid double!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So proud... so proud.

Let's do a douche caption game!!!
I'll start...

"I wish I was at Spaceland right now!"


Monday, June 16, 2008


Welcome to my first post!

I haven't much to say except that I love drinking, have no sense of style, yo-yo in weight (so even if I had style, I wouldn't be able to maintain it) and I CANNOT stand the company of a SILVERLAKE DOUCHE! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!